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Jenny chapter 2 teaster!


Chapter 2 – Who am I?

Louise awoke the next morning feeling both tired and refreshed by the actions of the night before. She never had that happen to her before but his voice was so soothing and erotic it made her stop and do as she was told it was almost hypnotic the effect it had on her body. Showering was hard because every time she moved her hands around her firm body she would linger at her breasts and her now clean shaved vagina, she hated calling it a pussy and loathed the “C” word it was so abhorred it mad her shudder at the thought of it. She opened the shower door and stepped into the bathroom on her pink mat and died herself lightly and then using the pump sorbelene pack she had placed some into her hand and started to apply the moisturising lotion all over her body her mind swimming back to the conversation and how she had orgasmed about another woman licking and sucking her clitoris. ”I’m not a lesbian” she thought to herself. And then continued to rub the soothing  lotion into her skin her hands guided up her inner thighs towards her still slightly tender lips and she gently applied some to the outer lips careful not to get any inside but her breathing started to get heavy again and in her mind it was another woman rubbing lotion into her soft skin and making small circles around her nipples to ensure maximum growth as the skin puckered up and hardened she pinched her right nipple and lifted the left to her own mouth and sucked gently on the bud until a tingle told her, she needed the vibrator in the draw. Standing she extracted her bunny rabbit vibe and using her natural flowing juices to lubricate the tip she slowly inserted the head before she switched on the rotating beads and the high speed bunny ears against her clitoris. The thoughts in her head were outrageous she was thinking of a man, but not any man James fucking her gently from behind as a young eighteen year old redhead from her office licked at her button she could hear the moans in her mind the sucking and fucking sounds were almost too much or her and as she slipped her left middle finger into her tight lubed ass she came and collapsed onto the cold tile floor spent and exhausted with the vibrator still humming away in her contracting vaginal walls.

“Oh my, what is happening to me?” Louise said aloud to herself. As she readjusted and cleaned up for the second time she heard a phone buzzing in the distance next door. It was her Jenny phone!
“I’m not on until ten pm tonight she thought to herself, and as she checked the screen it was a withheld number. “Should I answer it”, she wondered “who is it?”
Talking aloud to herself now she said” oh for god sakes pick it up you talk to strangers every night what’s so wrong now”

“Hello, Jenny speaking how can I help you”
“Good morning darling how did you sleep? Well I hope?” the voice was James but how! How did he get through to my number? “I did I was dreaming about you and just before I awoke this morning I had a vision of you in the shower enjoying yourself with a new fantasy” he finished.
“Wow your good, but I don’t know how you got this direct number it’s barred for transfer calls only” Louise told him.
“Is that really important right now I proved to you I can make you feel good shouldn’t that be all there is to know?” he replied with a sure and cocky attitude, but still with that air of hypnotic suggestion about him. 
“James why are you calling me?” Louise asked straight out without thinking about it.
“Well it’s like this Jenny you and I are on a journey and you can’t get off until I say so, you see you need me more than you care to let on even to yourself” he paused then added “don’t you?”

I thought about his words and before I commented I stopped and said “I am going now I have work to do, unlike others I could mention”
“His tonne was even and casual, ok I’ll contact you again when you need me, until then adjure” and he hung up.

“What the fuck was that all about, am I going mad or something, Oh shit I gotta get dressed for work, I’m gonna be late.” Were the next words out of my mouth as I dressed in a skirt and blouse, understated of course just a hint cleavage and the skirt just on the knee with a four inch slit at the back , dark gray and black tights but a small pair of Pink satin panties, I don’t know why I just put them on. The bra I had too was not my normal bra but an extreme push up and bright red. What a vixen I am I laughed as I walked past the hall mirror and on my way to the front door out to the car and on my way to work.

“Danny! Come in here for Christ sakes!” Bert Rowland demanded from his office door. “My god man you call these budget projections I call them the scribbling of a deluded man” he chastised the junior accountant verbally as Louise kept her head down and in her work not wanting to cop some of what poor old Danny was getting.
“Sorry Mr Rowland, I-I-I’ll fix it straight away sir” Danny stumbled and sat back down at his desk a clutter of papers in his hand, cheeks flushed.  
“Are you alright Danny?”I asked him quietly. He looked at me with a face that would make a puppy cry and for some reason I moved over and kissed him square on the mouth and let my tongue explore his inner reaches and seek out his pink bundle of taste buds. Danny froze unable to move but when I put my hand on his crouch I felt a huge hard on erupting from his boxers. “Oh my god that’s a rod and a half” I said in his ear. “Meet me in the store room in two minutes and keep that shaft hard.” I said as I moved quickly toward the back of the office.

The door moved inward slowly and I saw Danny’s shadow enter before him, I grabbed him and we kissed like two wild beasts his hands unsure what to do I led him to my now untethered pussy and showed him how to please my joy button with his now juiced up index finger. I groped and pulled and unzipped his fly to expose the hugest cock I had ever seen this young mild accountant hid a monster rod in his pants and I had to taste it first. I had to stretch my lips wide to accommodate his head as he tried to pump my face, I pulled back gagged and said “settle Petal” he started to freak but I kissed him again with my cock mouth and he ate me up saying I was the first to suck his cock for him, that’s why he lost it. I bent over some old boxes of files and eased his huge manhood into my yearning vagina and I told him to be gentle until I say go. I eased back onto the piston and once in and lubed it stretched the walls of my vagina to the max it was just astounding. I told him to fuck me hard and fast and explode in my Cunt, I used the “C” word who am I.  I was some wanton whore bitch just out for a fuck I told him to call me Jenny and fuck me harder, He was drilling my cunt so hard I could feel him against the wall of my cervix. Then out of nowhere his huge cock doubled in size and dumped 10 years of pent up seamen into my warm pussy pocket. He kept pumping even tho he came and I was still on so I rubbed furiously at my clit and squeezed his rod hard until I came all over his cock. I withdrew for the meat sword and licked it clean placed him back in his trousers and told him to get the fuck out while I cleaned up.

Who am I?

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