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Jenny chapter 2 teaster!


Chapter 2 – Who am I?

Louise awoke the next morning feeling both tired and refreshed by the actions of the night before. She never had that happen to her before but his voice was so soothing and erotic it made her stop and do as she was told it was almost hypnotic the effect it had on her body. Showering was hard because every time she moved her hands around her firm body she would linger at her breasts and her now clean shaved vagina, she hated calling it a pussy and loathed the “C” word it was so abhorred it mad her shudder at the thought of it. She opened the shower door and stepped into the bathroom on her pink mat and died herself lightly and then using the pump sorbelene pack she had placed some into her hand and started to apply the moisturising lotion all over her body her mind swimming back to the conversation and how she had orgasmed about another woman licking and sucking her clitoris. ”I’m not a lesbian” she thought to herself. And then continued to rub the soothing  lotion into her skin her hands guided up her inner thighs towards her still slightly tender lips and she gently applied some to the outer lips careful not to get any inside but her breathing started to get heavy again and in her mind it was another woman rubbing lotion into her soft skin and making small circles around her nipples to ensure maximum growth as the skin puckered up and hardened she pinched her right nipple and lifted the left to her own mouth and sucked gently on the bud until a tingle told her, she needed the vibrator in the draw. Standing she extracted her bunny rabbit vibe and using her natural flowing juices to lubricate the tip she slowly inserted the head before she switched on the rotating beads and the high speed bunny ears against her clitoris. The thoughts in her head were outrageous she was thinking of a man, but not any man James fucking her gently from behind as a young eighteen year old redhead from her office licked at her button she could hear the moans in her mind the sucking and fucking sounds were almost too much or her and as she slipped her left middle finger into her tight lubed ass she came and collapsed onto the cold tile floor spent and exhausted with the vibrator still humming away in her contracting vaginal walls.

“Oh my, what is happening to me?” Louise said aloud to herself. As she readjusted and cleaned up for the second time she heard a phone buzzing in the distance next door. It was her Jenny phone!
“I’m not on until ten pm tonight she thought to herself, and as she checked the screen it was a withheld number. “Should I answer it”, she wondered “who is it?”
Talking aloud to herself now she said” oh for god sakes pick it up you talk to strangers every night what’s so wrong now”

“Hello, Jenny speaking how can I help you”
“Good morning darling how did you sleep? Well I hope?” the voice was James but how! How did he get through to my number? “I did I was dreaming about you and just before I awoke this morning I had a vision of you in the shower enjoying yourself with a new fantasy” he finished.
“Wow your good, but I don’t know how you got this direct number it’s barred for transfer calls only” Louise told him.
“Is that really important right now I proved to you I can make you feel good shouldn’t that be all there is to know?” he replied with a sure and cocky attitude, but still with that air of hypnotic suggestion about him. 
“James why are you calling me?” Louise asked straight out without thinking about it.
“Well it’s like this Jenny you and I are on a journey and you can’t get off until I say so, you see you need me more than you care to let on even to yourself” he paused then added “don’t you?”

I thought about his words and before I commented I stopped and said “I am going now I have work to do, unlike others I could mention”
“His tonne was even and casual, ok I’ll contact you again when you need me, until then adjure” and he hung up.

“What the fuck was that all about, am I going mad or something, Oh shit I gotta get dressed for work, I’m gonna be late.” Were the next words out of my mouth as I dressed in a skirt and blouse, understated of course just a hint cleavage and the skirt just on the knee with a four inch slit at the back , dark gray and black tights but a small pair of Pink satin panties, I don’t know why I just put them on. The bra I had too was not my normal bra but an extreme push up and bright red. What a vixen I am I laughed as I walked past the hall mirror and on my way to the front door out to the car and on my way to work.

“Danny! Come in here for Christ sakes!” Bert Rowland demanded from his office door. “My god man you call these budget projections I call them the scribbling of a deluded man” he chastised the junior accountant verbally as Louise kept her head down and in her work not wanting to cop some of what poor old Danny was getting.
“Sorry Mr Rowland, I-I-I’ll fix it straight away sir” Danny stumbled and sat back down at his desk a clutter of papers in his hand, cheeks flushed.  
“Are you alright Danny?”I asked him quietly. He looked at me with a face that would make a puppy cry and for some reason I moved over and kissed him square on the mouth and let my tongue explore his inner reaches and seek out his pink bundle of taste buds. Danny froze unable to move but when I put my hand on his crouch I felt a huge hard on erupting from his boxers. “Oh my god that’s a rod and a half” I said in his ear. “Meet me in the store room in two minutes and keep that shaft hard.” I said as I moved quickly toward the back of the office.

The door moved inward slowly and I saw Danny’s shadow enter before him, I grabbed him and we kissed like two wild beasts his hands unsure what to do I led him to my now untethered pussy and showed him how to please my joy button with his now juiced up index finger. I groped and pulled and unzipped his fly to expose the hugest cock I had ever seen this young mild accountant hid a monster rod in his pants and I had to taste it first. I had to stretch my lips wide to accommodate his head as he tried to pump my face, I pulled back gagged and said “settle Petal” he started to freak but I kissed him again with my cock mouth and he ate me up saying I was the first to suck his cock for him, that’s why he lost it. I bent over some old boxes of files and eased his huge manhood into my yearning vagina and I told him to be gentle until I say go. I eased back onto the piston and once in and lubed it stretched the walls of my vagina to the max it was just astounding. I told him to fuck me hard and fast and explode in my Cunt, I used the “C” word who am I.  I was some wanton whore bitch just out for a fuck I told him to call me Jenny and fuck me harder, He was drilling my cunt so hard I could feel him against the wall of my cervix. Then out of nowhere his huge cock doubled in size and dumped 10 years of pent up seamen into my warm pussy pocket. He kept pumping even tho he came and I was still on so I rubbed furiously at my clit and squeezed his rod hard until I came all over his cock. I withdrew for the meat sword and licked it clean placed him back in his trousers and told him to get the fuck out while I cleaned up.

Who am I?

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The real life story my Novella is based on.

This is the reality behind my novella I used the thoughts and images to write fiction.

It wasn’t difficult to get laid in the villages in England when your 6’3” tall and speak like an Aussie.

The pub I used to stay in had many fine and lovely young ladies that worked in the establishment but after about 6 months I had a reputation of sleeping with them all this is my story.

 Jane was a busty twenty something married woman who was lacking something in her life and I had noticed her eyeing me up all night after I got off work and came down for a pint of cider at the bar. She served me all night and then at about 9pm she came around the front and started flirting with me, I had shorts and a t shirt on her in her work gear tight skirt and a light blouse with a nice rack and a plain but pretty face I started thinking about what she would be like with my cock impaled in her hot warm flesh. She must have picked up on my thoughts and started to put her feet in my lap making out she was putting her legs up and in the process massaging my now stiff cock with her toes and heel.  From the look on her face she liked what she felt and so made her move. I was just walking out of the toilet when she pinned me against the wall her tongue reached up and her hand was in my shorts faster than I could have realised. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as she gripped my shaft with enough force to stem the flow of blood in my now erect penis. She was moaning loudly and I met her eagerly as we moved back into the toilet. She pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties aside and told me to fuck her hard and cum in her pussy. I placed her ass on the hand wash basin top and guided my head between her engorged lips and slowly entered her very wet pussy. She grabbed my arse and forced my cock in the rest of the way and leaned back to allow me full entry into the warmth that was her vagina. I humped her so fast the change in my pocket was strewn all over the floor and she was moaning loudly as I licked and slid my thumb over her clit and rubbed gently as I fucked her hard. My cock was aching for release but I wanted to feel her pussy muscles tighten around my cock before I let go and it wasn’t long before she was biting her lip and I felt the unmistakable feeling of a pussy cumin around my cock so I rubbed faster and pumped her full of cum as I held her arse tight against me and exploded balls deep within her beautiful bald pussy. We were spent and she kissed me pulled my cock out and lent down to suck off the remnants of pussy and cum juice for me. Next time you can fuck my ass she said with a smile as she sat on the toilet seat in front of me and cleaned up before flushing away the remnants of our liaison. When we returned to the bar I was greeted with cheers and slaps on the back as she told them she was going to fuck my brains out. Needless to say I fucked them all but that are another story for another time.

Jenny is her name and she was 21 and a university student in California and I somehow met her on line on ICQ and then after many computer liaisons and mutual masturbation sessions she gave me her phone number and I called her for the first time. Considering I was in the UK and she in the US we had many phone sex sessions where she would tell me what she would do to me if she got hold of me and I her. One session I remember was extremely hot and it went a little like this.
“What are you wearing babe”
“A little pair of shorts and a black G string with a T – shirt and no bra.”
“Good are you sitting down or lying sexy?”
“I just got back from the gym and I am all sweaty and I need out of these clothes.”
“Ok I want you to stand up and close your eyes”
“Just do it and then do as I say”
“Are you standing up now?”
“Ok, I want you to keep them closed and listen to what I say and do as I say, Now Imagine I am moving behind you as you are standing there, I am kissing you on the back of the neck gently with a light touch just enough to send a shiver down your back”

“Oh, yes”
“Now move your left hand slowly under your top and cup your breast but don’t touch the nipple, not yet”
“Oh yes I can feel you”
“I am rubbing my now stiff cock on your hot ass, and caressing your cheeks gently with my right hand, now take your right hand and slowly slide it under the waist band of your shorts, be careful not to go under your panties thou.”
“ok, yes “
“Now slightly spread your legs and run your hand softly over your panty covered pussy just touching the material.”
“Oh Fuck yes”
“Now I want you to take that left nipple and pinch it softly as you caress the soft skin of your inner thighs, ok”
“Yes ok”
“Now slide a finger under the side of your panties and rest your finger tip against your clitoris, gentle now not too hard, now slide the finger down between your lips and feel the wetness of your pussy, then bring the juice soaked finger back and rub in a circular motion around your clit”
“My fucking god”
“I want you to undress and lay on the bed now”
“ok I’m naked and on the bed”
“Mmmm, now I want you to spread those legs as far as you can and fell your pussy for me with both hands as if you’re a greedy schoolgirl after all the cakes. I want you to slide your left middle finger gently into your pussy and feel up and inside for a rough spot that feels soft but with little buds all over it and then using your right hand lick that finger and rub your clit slowly as you gently tickle the G spot with your left  finger, now keep that up until you feel the need to slide more fingers and stretch your pussy as you feel the orgasm coming imagine my tongue on your clit sucking that bud and fucking it with my mouth, as I slide my tongue from your asshole to your clit licking up all your juice and then fucking your pussy with my tongue in and out and then up to your clit and back to your ass, now feel it build and cum on my face baby, while you suck my cock oh yeah its ion your mouth just waiting to cum all over your face or down your throat”
“Oh you dirty fucker, cum in my mouth”
“Oh,  I just came so fucking hard I hurt my fingers”
“Then my job is done I said as I hung up the phone grabbed a tissue and cleaned the cum off my well spent cock.”

I met Jenny 3 months later in Cambridge and we fucked till dawn but that’s another story

I was full of anticipation, after nearly 4 months of phone fun and some of the steamiest talk I had ever had over the phone we planned to meet in a hotel just outside Cambridge, she was Twenty one five feet 8 inches tall and a stunner. I was a 34 yr old horny upper management guy married and looking for some fun. She had told me she was staying in a house not far from the university campus so I arranged to stay in the hotel close by.

I finished my day at work and sped back to my hotel showered and changed and sat in the bar I remember there was a football game on the television as the bar was packed with lads all drinking and watching the game and at exactly 7.30pm in walked the most beautiful coffee coloured woman I have ever met. She was dressed in a red mini a T-shirt and cum fuck me boots that made my cock swell just looking at her. I watched the lads turn as she entered the room and she walked over butterflies in my stomach both because of how hot she looked and also the fact that I was going to fuck her hard in about 30 mins time.

I bought her a drink and we chatted about light things around how was her trip out here and how was she settling in but I could not take my eyes off those amazing breasts she told me about and legs that went all the way to her forbidden zone. As she was positioned across from me she slowly opened her legs and reviled to me a clean shaven pussy all wet and ready for action.
“What no panties” I said to her “how clique”
“Let’s go to your room “she said softly as I gazed into her mound of flesh.
On the way to the room we had to take a shot elevator ride and as soon as the doors shut we were on each other hands were going everywhere, she unzipped me faster than I have ever seen a woman do before and had my cock out in the breeze in her palm before I could say a word. Her had grasp around my cock she led me to my door and as I struggled with the key while she was slowly masturbating my now fully erect penis she smiled and said hurry up!
Once inside she dropped to her knees and swallowed my cock whole while I pushed down my pants her mouth was like a wet vacuum hell bent on sucking the life out of me. She stood up and licked me to my mouth and we stripped slowly and I watched her breasts fall out of the bra that was restraining them and gasped as they did so they were amazing and she told me to suck her nipples hard so I did as I was told. Taking each in my mouth I sucked and nibbled them for a few minutes until she could take no more and she guided me to the bed where I asked her to get on all fours.
She looked at me strange as if I was going to fuck her already but I had bigger plans for her.

I moved in and slid my tongue all the way to her clit and teased it with the tip of my now wet tongue and let it fall over her pussy just easing into her past her labia all the way until I was tongue deep in her sweet pink pussy. I did this for a couple of minutes and then reached forward to play and pinch her nipples as I licked her softly. “Oh tongue my ass baby” she whispered thru ragged breaths so I did as I was told and liked her from ass to clit and tongue fucked her in between. “I want cock she said with some authority so I slid under her and told her to fuck my face while she sucked my off in 69. She ground her pussy all over my face and I had her thumb like clit in my mouth as she bucked and pushed on my chin. I slid a finger in each hole and fucked her ass and pussy with my hands gapping her wetness so she could exaggerate the feeling and it wasn’t long before she was Cumming all over my face and chin. I felt her pussy throb and pump as she came while I was still sucking her clit.
Spent she relaxed into my cock and got me so hard it was obscene, she positioned herself over me and lowered her freshly cum pussy onto my throbbing cock and I almost passed out she looked at me with that beautiful lust filled face her huge tits bouncing up and down as she fucked me, and her dark eyes piercing my soul as she did so with a smile. Biting her tongue I slid my right thumb under her clit and she enjoyed the pressure on it as she rode me “Oh fuck yes she said as She rode me faster and then just before I exploded in her hot pussy she clenched and came again and forced every last drop from my cock into her. “Oh baby” she said “Wow not bad for a white boy” and laughed at me. “And an Old white boy at that” I added.
“Now fuck me in the ass baby” she said “and get that cock hard again.
I had never had anal sex before and this was a challenge for me so I took my slackening meat and guided it toward her puckered hole and she helped push it in. The tightness of it was enough to make it start going hard again in no time and I was pumping that Phat ass with all I had. She was fingering herself at the same time as I was fucking her ass and sure enough in no time at all I was rock solid and she came yet again. Not content to leave it there she moved down my body and kissed me gently on the lips before taking my rejuvenated cock in her mouth sucking me slowly as she looked into my eyes, My toes began to curl and I could feel my ball sacks tighten as she grabbed them and pushed them deep within my body and she took me deep in her throat and I exploded in my second orgasm which she greedily swallowing the lot. It was just amazing. I saw jenny a couple more times but she had to go back to the states after three months and I lost track of her because I was busy fucking my way through the rest of the work force I was working with at the time. But as they say that’s another story.

Copywrite Graeme Hawke 2012

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Jenny Don't Lose My Number! (adults only) xxx

,My web site where you can get the updated version of this story as Sex Lies and Psychopaths

I know what your thinking! Erotica why?

well I was challanged by a fellow writer to write fiction based on a real life encounter I had in my youth, because he said Graeme SEX SELLS! I disagreed witgh him and he challanged me to write an inteligent novella that had a complete story line so I did.

In my test audience I had over 2,000 reads on the first chapter in just Three hours!!!!!!! I know right!!!!!!!!!

It then published the secont chapter and by the time I had the third chapter half done I had over 10,000 reads. You guys and gals (mainly gals) can't get enough of it!

So i finished it as a full novella with an entire story and a twist you wont see coming! or cumming! either way!

The novella is on  and as well as the iBookstore and Barnes & Noble for the Nook! Search for me Graeme Hawke you never know what might be there. oh and see my other blogs for Horror and Poetry.
Jenny Dont Lose My Number! (description)

Louise is a work a day accountant earning big bucks but at night she is Jenny the sexual dream of countless men over the phone. A few minutes of verbal love to help them on their way and it was fun and a good money spinner for play money. Until James calles and changes everything. Does he know Louise and why does he never want to partake in the fantasy world thay live in. The Murder of her best friend exposes clues to who he is but the lines are blurred. Is it simple or sinister either way louise just had the best phone of her life, and it may just be the start of something she cant stop. Can Detective Jake Swallow work it out the clues are coming thick and fast, and so is everyone louise comes into contact with in this sex filled psychological thrill ride.

Chapter 1 Preview just for you who cum see!

Chapter 1 – The Number

Sam Jones waited and sat next to his phone, waiting looking for the number, he thinks to himself as he looks through his wallet. “Ah there you are” he whispers to himself.  Sally, his wife, is asleep upstairs in the bedroom, he can hear her gently breathing if he climbs half way up the stairs careful not to step on that loose step that creaks on step seven. Closing the Lounge room door he places a book in its way to ensure he can hear if the door opens and his wife comes down while he is enjoying himself. The phone number is one of those 1900 numbers and his special code is 1469 that’s Jenny’s code number he likes her because she always makes him feel special, one of a kind a phone lover that makes all the days ills go away. It’s not that Sam doesn’t love his wife he does but his need to feel the release and distress that an orgasm can provide is worth every cent he pays to hear Jenny’s voice urging him on to his quick intended messy end.

Picking up the phone he dials the number; as it rings he adjusts his shorts so his penis is out in the air and is growing in anticipation of the conversation to come. A young female recorded voice cuts in “Hi you’ve dialled Young and willing if you’re not 18yrs or over please hang up the phone now” “right big boy get yourself ready for the time of your life if you have your favourite girls Pin number press one now” the phone goes Beep as Sam presses the number "one" on his keypad a slight tremble as he listens at the door to see if Sally is awake or worse still coming down the stairs as he stands their cock out, standing to attention now with a mix of excitement and anticipation of either being caught or jenny answering. He sits down and the voice cuts in again. “Thank you for pressing one! Your dream girl is on the line now awaiting your call; please dial your four digit code after the beep.” ----“Beep” Sam quickly presses the numbered code 1469 followed by the hash key to initiate the sending of the number to the server and then out to Jenny.

Louise Davis is sitting in her lounge room watching TV with three phones on her coffee table, she’s 33, a successful accountant in her firm and makes a good salary and works some days from home and others travelling. Her Life is always full but at times is lonely and a tad boring, looking at numbers and budgets all day, searching for ways to save and make money can only satisfy a girl so much. One of her phones rings and on it is a label that reads “Jenny”.
“Hi babe you’ve called Jenny who am I talking to tonight?” she says in her best whisper voice.
“It’s Sam, babe do you remember me” The voice at the other end says softly.
“Oh Sam still hiding from the wife I see, never mind we can make it quick if you like Hun” Louise says in a confident yet smouldering tone.
“yes please Jenny, what are you wearing babe” he whispers back again this time an inflection in his voice that tells Jenny he is already stroking that amazing and pathetic piece of meat in his hand.
“I have on a sexy negligee with a pair of see thru black panties baby do you like what you see?” she replied.
“Oh yes I can see your pussy through the sheer material..........Oh yeah show me babe show me that beautiful pussy Jenny.” Sam’s voice was now moving like his hand fast and with a stutter.
“Mmmmm I’m gonna bend over for you Sam, that’s what you want isn’t it babe and then reach behind and grab that stiff cock of yours.” Louise said as she surfed the channels of her TV looking for a late night show to watch remembering that Craig Ferguson is on this time of night. She liked Craig he is funny and that Geoff is a scream for a plastic skeleton anyway. “Mmm yes that’s it baby... mmmm cum for me baby I’m gonna turn and take it in my mouth for you” she said again as she found the channel she wanted. A grunt across the line told her the job was done in about three minutes. That’s about normal, most of them are just wanting a voice as they cum. Voices from the other end “what are you doing Sam, oh my god! your disgusting, whose that on the Pho.... " Click it went dead. Oh well she finally caught him but he’ll be back they can’t live without me. I am their salvation their retreat their fantasy woman who does whatever they want.

The phone went off again and Louise muted the TV as she answered. “hey baby its Jenny what can I do for you”
“You’re going to sit back and let me treat you for a change” the voice said emphatically.
“Oh am I now” Louise replied
“Yes you are you’re a hard working girl and you need to relax too sometimes” the voice continued
“What do you mean by that comment” she said thinking the worse that this guy knows who I am!
“Nothing at all you must be exhausted after a long day of jerk offs ringing you to get off, it’s your time to relax” the male voice said.
“Ok then what do want me to do then ..............” she drew out the word to entice a name from the caller.
“Call me James, that’s all you need to are you lying down?”
“No but I can if you want me to” Louise got into position and laid flat on her couch.
“Ok I want you to close your eyes and move your hand to you breasts but not touch the nipples at all,  only tease them slowly, make them erect and hard with an ache for more, don’t touch remember, move your right hand to your thighs and gently part them thinking all the time there is another girl down their while I watch you.” The voice smooth as silk giving orders continued.
“Now I want you to gently just brush your nipples one at a time while gently squeezing your breasts.”
Louise was biting her bottom lip unconsciously and found her breath becoming erratic.
“Now slide your hand under your panties and cup your whole pussy for me and apply pressure like your going to grab it softly and allow your middle finger to slide in between your labia and feel the moisture inside”
To her Surprise she was so wet it slid straight in and she let out a gasp as the lips parted allowing her full access to her swollen flower.
“Now as you slowly move your finger to your clitoris I want you to imagine a woman’s tongue flicking over your swollen bud and see her eyes looking at you making you want her to suck harder and slide her fingers into you and find that G spot to make your orgasm even harder.” James said now with more urgency in his voice was he masturbating being a self told voyeur in this amazing fantasy.
“Fuck yes” Louise said aloud and surprised herself for a split second but the feelings of erotic release were starting to build within her pussy she could feel it welling deep within her, her eyes started to roll back into her head and she could see a womans face sucking her while he sat watching in the corner. her back arched she moaned again.
“That’s it now let her fuck you with her dildo as she sucks you to orgasm.” James knew even before he finished saying the words that she had cum so hard the phone dropped from her chin and hit the floor. All he could hear was moans and the licking of dry lips from all the forced breathing she was doing to counter the building of her multiple orgasm.
Louise slowly picked up the phone and said “Thank you James that was amazing, did you cum?”
“Oh yes Jenny I always cum but you’re the one that needs the release, not me I’m here for you remember, this is not about me it’s never been about me.” And with that the phone clicked and hung up.

What did he mean its never been about me! Louise, still recovering from her voyeuristic encounter of the mind, picked up and turned off all the phones and decided to call it a night, that last call made her more than she would normally make in a couple of hours anyway. But she could not sleep who is James?

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