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Sex, Lies and Murder - Chapter 3 is ready for your free viewing pleasure

Hi fans this is chapter three for your reading pleasure as usual adults only and please if you feel the need to play while you read let me know that way I know my writing is doing its job.

Chapter 3 - Discovery

“The body was discovered exactly as you see it by the young lady over by the sink detective” the police young officer said as he pointed to a disheveled blond.  The young woman was in a distraught state and she looked more like an extra in a horror movie than a pretty girl out on the town for a great night of dancing and alcohol infused fun.
Jake Swallow walked slowly toward the grimy toilet cubicle and the vision that unfolded before him made his testicles tighten. The body of a man slumped on the toilet seat, pants gone and a single blood line from a wound under his ribs the only indication there was foul play.
“I’ve seen this before” he mumbled softly.
“Officer I want all surveillance video from the last four hours, entry, back door and inside, all of it” he instructed the young officer who was struggling to keep prying eyes out of the women’s toilet.
“I want this place shut down and the forensic boys in here now!” he exclaimed as his fist slammed against the door of the cubicle.
 Jake stopped and refocused his brain looking around the toilet area trying to pick up any clues that may have been left behind. Nothing jumped out at him and he knew if it was her there would be little or no evidence left behind. He turned and his gaze was transfixed to the young woman crying in the corner.
“Excuse me miss, but I need to know what you saw” Jake asked softly so as not to push her further into herself after such a traumatic experience.
“Zoe my name is Zoe” she sniffed through a mucus clogged tissue.
“Well Zoe I need to know what you saw, what happened prior to finding the body over there” he said as he pointed to the deceased Steve Lucas.
“I just needed to freshen up as I have had a couple of cocktails, and I was feeling a bit tipsy. I came in here to splash some cold water on my face and reapply my makeup, and as I was applying my lipstick, the door slowly started to creek open like a second rate horror movie, and that’s when I saw him! sitting there.” She said now through muffled crying pointing to the deceased.
“I know this is difficult for you Zoe.” He said gently holding her hand in his. “But did you see anything, anyone who looked suspicious or trying to avert their face from you as you walked toward the toilets.” He said softly.
Closing her eyes Zoe concentrated and her nose turned up and her brow wrinkled softly as she started to speak.
 “There was a woman, she was dressed in red all red, her shoes I noticed the shoes they were amazing and high she looked like perfection and I passed her walking toward the bathroom door as I fumbled in my purse for my lipstick.”
Jake was listening but also taking in the subtle curves of this young woman’s body, the vulnerability of her at this moment making his cock jump and he strained to compose himself as his meat stiffened in there cotton confines.
The shape of her breasts and the coolness of the bathroom area making her nipples stand proud through the lightweight material she was wearing and the mini dress she was poured into was more like a shirt and only just covered her ass cheeks and the pink of her panties.
“Did you happen to get a look at her face at all Zoe” Jake asked as he snapped out of his erotic day dream.
“Sorry officer it was too dark I didn’t get to see her face and I think she was in a rush to get out: do you think she murdered him?” Zoe said as her eyes popped open to see the detective eyeing her body with lustful intent.
She smiled and blushed slightly as the well put together detective made no attempt to hide the fact he was checking her out.
“Is that all you need, can I go now detective?” Zoe asked as she picked up her purse from the white porcelain bench top, letting her dress flow open at the sides to allow the skin of her left breast to become visible in the blinding white light of the confined space.
“Jake” he said “Please call me Jake; do you have someone who can take you home, or if you want to give me a minute I can drive you home to make sure you get there safe after such a horrible ordeal?” he said with a huge smile that said lets fuck.
“That would be fantastic, my friends have all left now and I would have to get a cab but I don’t have enough cash on me.” She replied.
“Right that’s settled then, Zoe, can you wait over in the lounge area and I will be there shortly.” He said with authority that made her shiver with excitement.
Jake moved around the crime scene and noticed the forensic boys had finally arrived. Luke Dennis had arrived on scene and was surveying the crime scene. “I want this place swept for hairs and anything that will give us DNA.” He motioned to his team.
“Jake nice to see you buddy, well sort of as it always seems to be under these circumstances we get together.” He said as he motioned toward the dead body with a slight tilt of his head.
“Dennis as usual it’s a pleasure to see you buddy.”
“Did you notice the puncture wound under the ribcage? It seems to be the only wound on the body that I could see.”
Dennis moved into the cubicle slowly and leaned down toward the victim.
 “Ah yes a small puncture wound, and the colour suggests asphyxiation or more to the point his lung was punctured and if it’s like the others the heart will have a single puncture wound and bleed out into the cavity stopping the heart in seconds.” He finished.
“That’s what I thought” Jake said. “Well we will know more tomorrow Dennis after your finished with him.”
“Yep that’s a fact but apart from the saliva and red lipstick all over the base of his cock I think this is the only evidence we will get yet again”
Jake moved over and leant in to admire the red smear on the blue shriveled appendage which made the red lipstick take on a purple hue. “Ok Dennis I will see you at Nine am sharp buddy.”  And he left the area to pick up his damsel in distress and take her home.
The walk to Jakes car was quiet except for the clicking of the young woman’s heels on the concrete. The flow of her dress and the movement of her ass under the clingy material around her hips just made Jake even more in need of a release.
“Will I need to give a statement about what I saw Jake” she said softly.
“Yes but you can do that tomorrow morning at the station with one of the officers and a sketch artist to see if we can get a feel for what our assailant looked like, as well as those shoes you got a glimpse of.”
As Jake helped Zoe into the passenger seat of his late model Ford her dress rode up slightly to reveal her pink panties, not attempting to hide the flimsy material that covered her perfectly manicured lips she smiled innocently.
“I am over in Norwood”, she said softly and almost with a purpose now, not the frightened little girl she was an hour before after seeing a dead man in the women’s toilets.
“That’s not a problem at all” Jake said smiling, his place was a bachelor pad not far out of the way in nearby Kensington.
He drove silently but with purpose and the thoughts of the victim running through his head. “How difficult is it to get a guy into a toilet stall?” he asked softly as he turned to look at his young traveling companion.
“It’s simple tell a guy to meet you for sex in the stall and he will be there in a flash, it’s that simple.” She aid clicking her fingers to use the gesture as the speed at which guys come running for free toilet sex.
“I can see a woman as beautiful as you would have no issue at all, but surely not just any women could do it?”
Zoe looked at him and said “Really, so if any woman just asked you for sex with no strings attached and you had a couple of drinks you wouldn’t do it?”
“No your right, I would be in it for sure, seems like a sure fire way to get a guy off guard if you going to kill him” Jake said and with that the conversation stopped.
She looked over at Jake “Do you want to come in for coffee detective” she said as he pulled the car up to the curb in front of her unit.
“If by coffee you mean Forty three beans in a cup then I’ll pass Zoe” he replied.
“No Jake what I mean by coffee is your head buried deep between my thighs, licking me to an explosive orgasm.” She said running her hands over her firm breasts.
Jake couldn’t take his eyes off her and said “Well why didn’t you say so” and he opened the car door and followed the hot young woman to her front door. As she placed the key in the groaning lock and turned she reached back and took Jake by the hand and led him inside the dark entry way.
Jake moved gently in to kiss the young blond, she responded back, almost dragging him to her bathroom where she sat him on the bench top and started to strip.
 Unzipping the side of her dress she turned around letting the material fall off her shoulders revealing her perfectly formed back, not muscular but perfectly formed.
The small of her back was exquisite and as the material flowed down to reveal her buttocks Jake gasped and lost his breath at the sight that stood before him. The pink G-string panties were parting her ass perfectly and formed a peach like view that made him undress in record time.
Now naked he slid behind kissing her back and neck as his penis rubbed gently against her ass cheeks forming a trail from his now drooling penis to glide in.
Enjoying the softness of her skin his cock was rock hard in seconds and his hands roamed around her body but never quite touching the areas she ached for to be touched.
Zoe leaned back over one shoulder and they kissed, tongues melding and wrapping around each other in a saliva dance that was erotic and enticing. Jake let his left hand wander to her right breast and gently squeeze, taking the weight of her perfectly shaped “C” cup. The thumb and forefinger found her erect bud and teased her nipple harder still as his right hand moved inside her panties looking for the moist cleft of her vagina.
A gentle bite on her shoulder followed as he both pinched her nipple, and stroked the rising nub of her clitoris at the same time sending a shock wave thru Zoe that she had not anticipated.
She moved his hand from her pussy and turned to bring him into the shower and there turned on the warm water and let the water caress both their bodies. She raked her nails down his back with enough bite to send a shiver to his tightening ball sacks and she lowered herself onto his awaiting shaft and enveloped it in one mouthful sucking it all the way back to the root. Moving slowly and deliberately back and forth she drew a bead of pre-cum from his tip and watched it trace from her lips to his cock over the three inches she pulled back.
Looking up at Jake she grabbed his arse and dug the nails in again as she sucked his engorged rod and at intermittent intervals she would bite his meat and feel its hardness.
Lifting her head it was Jakes turn and he moved her to a forward facing position against the back wall opening her legs he crawled between them and moving her tiny ass apart slid his tongue from her clit to her ass and in between ensured his pink explorer delved deep into her warmth.
Zoe moaned and pushed her hips back opening her pussy from behind allowing Jake to lick the entire area of her ass and pussy for what seemed like hours.
He then turned Zoe around slowly and latched onto her clitoris as he parted her lips using his teeth to rub the bone above simulating the pubic bones rubbing together. Zoe grabbed his head and ground her pussy into him as she flooded his mouth with the fruits of his labor.
“Fuck that was amazing now F-F-Fuck me” Zoe said still stuttering from the pulses running through her body.
Jake could feel her vaginal walls still contracting as he forced his member into her lifting one leg to open it for easy access.
After a few minutes of fucking they moved to the bed and Jake took her from behind as he squeezed her nipples and slapped her ass gently.
“Oh yes I have been such a bad girl” she said and Jake almost laughed but he slapped it again and she said “harder please sir” so he obliged and she responded by bucking back even harder on his rod.
Reaching under she was flicking her clit as he rammed her smacking her cheeks one at a time harder and harder until he exploded inside her tight wetness and she met is eruption with yet another climax of her own.
Spent they both lay still, cum running from her pounded pussy lips and Jake smiled at the red hand prints now visible on her tiny perfect arse cheeks.
Jake left her the details of where to go the next morning and who to ask for as he dressed and left Zoe with a lingering kiss at the front door. It was now three am and he was due to see Dennis at nine in the city Coroner’s office so it was home for some sleep with the knowledge that he saved yet another damsel in distress.
Louise lay still remembering what had happened the night previous and her mind drifted in a half sleep to a basement where a woman was tied up and she was dressed in latex with her tits and her pussy visible. She was doing things to the woman, bad things, the tied up woman was a cop that’s right she was a police officer, and she was so lovely. The door sprang open in her dream state and a man ran in with a gun in his hand, she moved over and instantly he was naked fucking her and telling her how beautiful she was, he called her Jenny, he was crying and she was laughing because the tied up woman was his partner and lover. The taunting continued until she felt a hand on her breast and she awoke with a sudden sense of urgency and looked over to see a beautiful sexy redhead looking at her, caressing the warmth of her skin.
“Good morning sleepy” this woman said to her, the hand now moving toward her pubic area. “Do we feel like some morning fun? It’s in the price sweet.”
Jenny had to think twice who she was, then it flooded back and she smiled, “yes please” as she parted her legs to allow the deft fingers to find the softness of her thighs and the aching of her already moistening vagina.
Copyright Graeme Hawke April 2013

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Sex, Lies & Murder - Chapter two - Updated

Ok this is chapter 2 - Now updated and changed for more action and enjoyment.


Chapter 2 – Time for myself

The Drive home was quiet except for the radio playing old eighties music and in particular Van Halen’s hit ‘Pour some sugar on me’. I guided the Mazda 3 sports in and out of the subdue traffic like a serpent slithering back to its den after devouring its unsuspecting prey. The roads were damp and the air moist but the fresh air on my face was slowly bringing me back to some sort of reality. A blurting car horn as I missed a stop sign brought me back to me senses and I stopped the car on the side of the road, took a deep breath and lit a cigarette allowing the acrid smoke to enter my lungs and fill my blood stream with toxins that would hopefully ease my new found tension.
“You ok there love” a man’s voice softly greeted me from across the other side of the street. An elderly gent out walking his equally ancient cross breed terrier.
“I’m fine but thank you for asking” I replied.
The night is warm and balmy and my passions from previous is now creating a wet sticky moistness that was verging on unpleasant, so I slipped off my cum soaked panties and let them drop to the ground.  The cigarette had calmed my nerves and I flicked the butt out into the middle of the street before trying to smooth myself down. As I did I  looked down at my breasts and noticed the cool breeze from the cars air-conditioning outlets were having an effect on my perfectly formed and size perfect nipples under the almost not there sheer fabric of my chiffon red dress.
With the thoughts of my conquest still fresh in my mind I felt the unmistakable twinge of desire rising from within my soul.  Pulling away from the curb I noticed my panties, a cool pink pastel on a dark sea shining like a perverted beacon to the lonely and unseen. After a minute or two I slowed for a red light and I let my left hand slide under the material and gently pinch the aching bud of flesh, and it sent an unmistakable pulse straight to my now anticipating vagina. A soft moan left my lips and I knew what I had to do.
Turning left at the next interchange I headed for ‘Third Ave’ a place where no matter what hour of the day, sex can be bought and paid for with various means. She wanted, no needed a woman and money was not a barrier to her gaining the pleasure she sought.
A blonde, brunette, no a red head is what I want and as I slowly made my way down the black tar strip of ill repute, my stomach was knotting and writhing with the thought of hot wet pussy action.
A young red head walked into view as I slowed to a crawl, my window still up and the tinted glass not giving a hint of the occupant’s identity. She had beautiful long flowing curles that hung like expensive drapes in an exclusive club. Her checkered shirt was buttoned loosely and tied in a knot deliciously under her ample breasts, showing a hint of the creamy goodness inside. The cut off shorts with threads that hung in an array of lengths were clean and there was a hint of a pink G-string poking out the top. I licked my lips and calmed my breathing.
“Hey baby, want some company” the red head mumbled as she walked toward the driver’s window.
I looked her over through the tinted glass one last time to see if there was any real lustful attraction, the slutty yet elegant attire mixed with her flowing hair, almost a cowgirl look, except for the blue five inch come fuck me heels did the trick.
I wound down the window just enough to let the night air inside the cars worm interior.
“Hey there beautiful! You wanna get in and get dirty with me back at my place” I said with anticipation and just a hint of my growing horny eagerness.
The pay by the hour red head smiled with both shock and excitement when she heard the voice of another woman, and I could see by the look in her eyes she was interested.
“It won’t be cheap honey pie” she said with a smile that lifted one side of her mouth in a cheeky grin.
I slowly let my finger touch the windows electric button and as the darkened glass removed itself from view, the now curious hooker looked in to see a vision of horniness staring back at her; I trapped my bottom lip between teeth and looked down at my own left breast which was now on show. I allowed the nipple now engorged between thumb and middle finger to be punished in open view.
“I’ve got five hundred says you’ll stay for breakfast”
“If I say yes can I play while you drive” she asked now visibly turned on herself.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way” I said as she opened the passenger side door.
The drive back to the apartment was one of erotic distraction. Jenny had hands on her everywhere, touching teasing and then leaving her to play with her new friends own attractions. The interior of the car was starting to heat up and as she opened her legs to some gentle and deftly accurate fingers she could feel the cool breeze of the air con against her now puffy pussy lips. The wetness of her lusting was making it easy for her paid for friend to slide an expert finger inside as she used her thumb against her throbbing clit.
All this lust was starting to cause her accelerator foot to twitch and at times lift or push uncontrollably.
Jenny managed to get the car in the garage underneath her apartment complex and as she used the electronic entry card, she felt a finger slide between her wet lips yet again and enter her pink walls.
 After parking and straightening up a tad Jenny and her new friend walked to the elevator where the local kids had tagged it with all sorts of colorful graffiti. Entering the confined space led to even more exploration and the wild ride of kissing and roaming in loose clothing, could only be described at watching two toddlers jumping and playing under bed sheets. Both sets of hands were a blur of exploration, mouths being charted by pink fleshy tongues that darted around like sparrows at dusk. The interior of the metallic booth was starting to look and take on the smell of an Amsterdam brothel house.
Opening the apartment door was never difficult, but with a middle finger in your pussy and a mouth around your nipple, the intense fumbling and giggling led to the door across the way opening slightly to see what the commotion was.
The lucky owner a Mr. Harris a man in his late fifties opened the door further to drink in the sight before him as he stood transfixed to the show before him. His striped ill fitting boxer briefs filled almost instantly and as Jenny winked at him, she thought she saw him place his hand at the root of his now expanded cock and head back inside with a smile that would not leave him for many hours to come.
The horny couple made their way in the apartment which was decorated subtly but tastefully with new and old furniture giving it a hint of shabby sheik. Jenny flicked the light on and dimmed it to a dull yellow that accentuated the redness of her hair. 
“Come here you” she said softly, lipstick all over her mouth like a wanton whore. Amy she said: call me Amy. Jenny froze for a second as a recollection of a past life hinted its way into her memory. The flash of a beautiful blonde hit her and the milky white flesh she owned.
“Amy, we are going to have so much fun you and I, you may call me Jenny”
With that she dropped her dress and as Amy walked towards her with intent of letting her paying customer enjoy undressing her new real life Barbie doll.
Jenny moved around Amy slowly, licking her lips as she did so, and ran her fingers through her beautiful long red hair, letting it fall cascade like a ruby shower across her taut shoulders.
 Jenny then reached around and undid the last two buttons of her shirt, untied the knot at the front and stood back watching as Amy’s breasts slowly exposed themselves to the world. The cool air and excitement puckered her nipples into beautiful bite sized morsels of delight, and the electricity between her hands and those perfect breasts made Amy moan with anticipation.
 Hearing this response, Jenny pulled her own hair to one side and started to gently kiss the middle of her back, as she placed her left hand on the back of her left knee, and allowed her tongue and hand to rise at equal speed.
By the time Jenny made it to the nape of her neck, her left hand was deftly, yet gently exploring the gap between Amy’s legs and gently reaching between her thighs just briefly touching the now moistening pussy through her panties.
She traced the outline of her swollen lips against the material and then with a rush she ripped them free from her body. Both hands now moved up towards those fantastic 36DD breasts and cupped them with the excess spilling over the sides of her hands. Jenny moved and took her by the hand and both silently breathed their way to the bathroom where they stood face to face kissing, exploring each other’s mouths while the warmth of the water flowed across their excited bodies.
Amy was first to make a move and she crouched down enjoying the view of the engorged petals of joy before her.
Amy moaned gently as the tip of her tongue parted Jennys’ thighs like an unseen crowbar. The hot wet appendage lightly touched her clitoris and then made small circles around the root before it buried itself in the inner juices of her vagina. Amy let her left hand cup her lovers’ ass and the right searched upward for a nipple to pinch.
Jenny overwhelmed with pleasure looked down to see the beautiful whore, her whore, taking her pussy in her mouth and as she grabbed Amy by the back of the head, she lifted her left leg and placed it on the side of the shower rim giving herself fully to the pink onslaught of the tongue sword.
With the exquisite onslaught between her legs in full swing, Jenny could feel the unmistakable tell tale signs welling deep inside her and she reached down and gently  pulled Amy closer, so she could ride her face to in inevitable outcome.
 Amy even with her mouth full was moaning aloud, as she slid a finger into her own open folds of skin and her deft finger tips sort out her own joy button. The riding and grinding was becoming faster and harder and Jenny whimpered as she exhaled a held breath and she bit her lip as her body tightened in a wave of lustful contractions around Amy’s mouth.
The juices flowed and mixed with the warm water as Amy and Jenny gently let their orgasms subside in a jerky rhythmic movement of hips and knees that threatened to give way under the explosive release.
Jenny looked down at Amy, and as she looked closely the muscles of her vagina were still pulsating in contractions around Amy inserted middle finger.
“Holy fuck that was amazing” Jenny whispered to her new paid for lover. “Shall we dry off and retire to more comfortable surroundings.”
Amy stood and kissed her with her orgasm stained mouth and let her tongue share the sweetness of her body. They dried each other with soft warm towels and walked satisfied to the bedroom across the hall way.
The next two hours were filled with sex and more sex, little conversation and lots of sucking and fucking with various instruments of pleasure and some gentle pain. Amy didn’t care for the nipple clamps but Jenny assured her that she would learn to like it if she persisted. “Maybe next time” she said.
After they had finished and lay totally spent waiting for sleep to take them, Amy softly breathed a simple question.
“Why does such a beautiful and attractive woman like you need to pay for sex”
“I don’t need to Amy I choose to! If I like what I see and I am in the mood, I let myself enjoy what life has to offer” she confessed
“What If I had said no” Amy continued with a quizzical look on her face to match the question.
“I would have found another to satisfy me, but I must say I am glad you said yes! Now get some sleep, I’ll pay you when I drop you off in the morning.”
Jenny drifted off exhausted and with one look at Amy her eyes closed not to open again until daylight.

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