Friday, 9 November 2012

Jenny _ Chapter 3 Teaser

 Chapter 3 -Amy

Wow, I walked back to my desk cheeks flushed and winked at Danny as I went past. “OMG, I don’t know who I am anymore” I muttered to myself as I sat down at my desk.
“Miss Davis, can you come in here please” oh fuck its Bert what does he want, shit my cheeks are still flushed from the Danny incident I hope he doesn’t notice. I moved quickly to his door and stood there waiting to be asked in, I could see him look me up and down taking in my curves as he said “please sit down Miss Davis”. I moved to the seat positioned across from him at his large maple desk and placed my hands in my lap as I crossed my legs.
“Now these results you posted for the half yearly profits from our northern branch are amazing and I notice you have also added a footnote here as to how the site can maximize profit by cutting costs across the stationary and also the raw material holding stores.” He complimented me with a solid look over his reading glasses that were perched at the tip of his nose.
“Thank you sir I found other areas that could be used but they were only small and a little inconsequential.” I said with an air of authority that I never knew I owned.
“I am going to lift your pay grade Miss Davies by not one but two this is an outstanding achievement and if your projections are correct we stand to save in excess of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars by year end.” He explained with a smile that I had never seen before.
“Oh and I loved your work on the CCTV as well Miss Davies keep that up also” he added.
“I am sorry sir I don’t know what you’re talking about” I replied with some trepidation moving thru my voice now.
“Well Louise I can call you Louise can’t I? .... well you see I had cameras installed in the store room and stationary room last year to spot thieves and make sure there was no hanky-panky going on, but in your case I make an exception” as he stood he zipped his fly and threw the doused tissue in the bin next to his desk. “Oh I am so sorry Sir” I said aloud with a gasp.
“No don’t be sorry it was fantastic , my wife has lost interest and watching is a guilty pleasure that I have always had, I am just a normal man with wants and needs Louise and you satisfied them for me unintentionally, but again I say thank you, please don’t be embarrassed I will never tell, you just made my year!” Bert said with a now beaming smile. “Anyway you’re an amazing accountant” he added.
“Well I don’t know what to say sir...thank you I guess” and then it hit me like a ton of bricks all at once. “sir next time why don’t you watch me live I could sit in here with you and make your day every week if that’s what you would like, I love to be watched” I said now looking like an innocent accountant school girl. I uncrossed my legs and flashed him some panties and he almost choked on his own saliva.
“That would be acceptable Louise, and I would never ask you to do it you know so I appreciate the offer gladly” he finished.
I stood up to walk out knowing I had a secure job as long as Bert was there and as I walked out I turned back and said “Sir is it possible I could have my own office area it gets so noisy out in the office I find it difficult to concentrate on my work, oh and when we are alone call me Jenny.”

The rest of the day went as planned with nothing unusual except a txt message on my Jenny phone from James yet again.
“You’re a naughty girl Jenny; I saw what you did to Danny!”
How in the hell could he know what happened today, unless James is Bert! Fuck what if he is, but he doesn’t sound like Bert, younger, much younger oh FUCK what’s going on, am I losing my mind or something? Deep breaths girl take deep breaths and don’t freak out just get through the day.
I jumped as my work desk phone rang, “Hello Louise Davies, can I help you.”
“Hey babe it’s Amy what ya doing after work tonight? The voice boomed out of the speaker in my ear.
“Amy what are you doing in town?” I replied quickly my heart pounding still from before.
“I just flew in I have a meeting in the morning and the night is ours, wanna meet for a drink at my hotel bar and catch up?” she asked full of beans.
“Yes Amy I would love to what time and where” I asked and wrote down the name of the hotel for later that evening. As I finished some small talk and hung up on Amy my mind drifted back a few years when we were in University together, we had so much fun and I recall we like most girls having fun shared an intimate moment. I quickly put that aside and finished my day knowing that soon I would have my own office.

Shit what a day that was I thought to myself as I walked in the front door, placed the keys, my bag and some papers I brought home to work on the kitchen bench with a loud crash. I poured myself a large white wine and gulped the first mouthful as I made my way upstairs to the bedroom and a nice hot shower to wash away any lingering remnants of Danny! The water felt like little hot needles against my skin as I soaped up the wash cloth and ran the soapy material over my skin. Amy, my god it must be 6 months since I last saw her, my anticipation was growing and I resolved to enjoy myself no matter what and relax into conversation about her mother and father and her younger brother and let her fill my head with all sort of nonsense and wine so we could laugh the night away and just relax.
Picking a dress for the evening was easy and I went with a red number that showed off my body but I kept it conservative a tad because at the end of the day Amy and her blonde hair and blue eyes would be attracting all the stares and she always dressed to impress. I slid a pair of three inch black stilettos on and grabbed my DG bad and headed downstairs to wait for the Taxi. I checked my phone nothing and then I checked my Jenny phone to find another message “Have fun tonight with Amy Jenny you deserve it, James xxxx”

This guy is starting to freak me out he knows too much and now he knows about Amy! I tried to remember did I say anything at work to anyone could someone have overheard me on the phone to Amy planning my evening with her? Oh Fuck now I got a chill that ran down my spine, is this guy watching me, does he have my bugged. I’ll talk to Harry tomorrow at work he’ll know what to do he’s a tech guy, maybe it is him! Pull your shit together girl and have fun. I thought to myself as the Taxi pulled up and a little turban headed gentleman stepped out to open the door for me.
“Where to madam” he said in his best Indian voice, he was hansom and the color of dark mocha but I was only interested in meeting Amy so I said “to the Crown Hotel in the city please.”

The drive was easy and uneventful with the usual chit chat from a taxi driver, the weather and sport and the like but at least it made the trip go faster. I paid him the thirty two dollars and left him as I glided into the well lit foyer of the Crown Hotel. There were people moving scurrying and arguing everywhere. A man was stating his case as to the fact that he never watched an “R” rated movie that was on his bill, but we all know he probably pressed the button and lasted about thirty seconds, blew his load and fell asleep and now he felt somewhat jaded by the experience and did not want to pay the fifteen dollars. I was all of a sudden encased by to beautiful small well sculpted female arms and a kiss on the cheek told me Amy had found me.
“Hey beautiful” she said as she embraced me.
“Hey you, you look amazing” I said to her as I ran an appraising eye over her slender toned body.
“So do you babe, wow look at those tatas, did you get a job on the girls or what?” she asked with a laugh.
“No its s new push up I got from Bra’s N Things, aren’t they just amazing” I replied with an air of confidence as I grabbed my boobs.
“Oh I just wanna motorboat them you busty wench” she finished with.
“Hey let’s get a drink before we eat” she continued without even taking another breath, and she led me into the bar where we sat on a couple of well placed bar stools so the entire room could see us enjoying ourselves. We chatted for about an hour and I found out she just removed herself from a bad relationship, her dad is really sick, picked up lung cancer but never smoked a day in his life, something to do with asbestos and her brother is still a spoilt mummy’s boy.
“Damn so what’s been going on with you” Amy asked expecting a plethora of information to exude from my lips but I just said. “Not much just work and stuff”
“Bull shit girl you have to have more than that it’s been six months and you’re nearly thirty five and unattached, life should be an adventure” she continued in her effervescent voice.
“Well there is one thing, I do phone sex late at night to break up the boredom and it pays for all my new shoes and bags, at four dollars twenty five a minute it’s a blast but most of them only last a couple of minutes so it can be frustrating at times.” I said as I noticed her face freeze and her jaw hanging slack with eyes the size of a startled bunny.

Amy just looked at me and then as if someone threw a bucket of cold water on her she said “I wanna do one”

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