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Sex, Lies and Murder! - Jenny Unleashed - Volume two.

Sex, Lies and Murder! - "Jenny Unleashed"
The sequal to the successful Novella Sex Lies and Psychopaths!

Chapter 1 – Starting afresh

The bar was dark but every now and then pulsing with the thumping base of a generic dance tune, a stab of incandescent blue light shattered the darkness and created a stop motion movie of drinking and dancing. The thrum of the base was so deep it rumbled your very soul. The sparseness of anything on the walls and floor which was bare concrete covered with a clear epoxy non slip industrial coating to cope with the constant spillage of drinks from inattentive drinkers.
Concrete and chrome lined the space, broken up by “U” shaped seating with low tables for patrons to sit around and drink and attempt to chat over the droning music. The main central bar is like a bee hive of activity with the workers mixing cocktail after cocktail with the measured efficiency of robots. The speed of service a necessity based upon the depth of drink induced zombies stalking the bar.
I lone figure slid unnoticed into the dingy downstairs area where the lounges were and sat with her face hidden from view, but her long legs instantly drawing the attention of the males in the crowd. The six inch red heels almost a lighthouse beacon for the horny and drunk single men and women. The definition of her calves strong and sleek as they made their way to her perfectly shaped knees and shapely thighs. The sheer red scarf hid most of her face but not the long flowing blond hair as it played like silk across her shoulder, and a peek of ruby red lipstick against the chromatic strobe effect of her features.
She leant back in the padded lounge seat displaying more of her perfect legs and giving a hint of the twin mounds that lay beneath the fabric across her chest. The milky whiteness of her breasts using the bouncing light almost as hypnotist uses a swinging watch to place her adoring onlookers in a trance.
She placed her chrome clutch bag at her side and let her hand brush the material of her dress upwards exposing just a slight glimpse of the almost nonexistent strand of material that was posing as underwear.
‘Hi baby, fancy a drink?’ the voice from above her caught her off guard and as she studied the tall shadow figure standing now in full view of her. The first thing she noticed was the tightness of the intruders pants showing the strength in his thighs as she made her way to the crotch of his jeans. Firm and full were the only words that come to her mind as she moved upwards drinking in his physique, all the way to the top of his broad shoulders that were flanked by long flowing locks of mousy brown hair that glowed to the beat and his handsome rugged face that had an air of authority and insecurity all at once.
“I’m fine thank you, but if you’re buying, I’ll have a cosmopolitan please” she said letting her eyes drift to where his now filling manhood was resting almost at eye level, as she licked her luscious red lips. Her new beau moved with a swagger to the bar and as he passed his friends he hi fived two of them and ordered her drink and one for himself.
The music and lights were hypnotic but she kept her wits about her, as she scooted over and he sat next to her, placing the cocktail glass in front of her as he let the vision before him, sink into his mind with every burst of flashing light.
‘I have never seen you in here before.’ the inquiring voice stated in a pseudo question.

‘That’s because, I have never been in here before!’ the serine yet slightly husky voice replied, as she took a sip of the bitter sweet warmth within her glass, slowly placing it back on the table.
“So, how come a beautiful woman like you is in here all alone?’
‘Ah, who said I was alone’

‘Well are you... or am I just wasting my time and money?’

‘That my boy is a question you will have to wait for an answer to, for now let’s just enjoy these drinks you so kindly bought, and see where it leads to shall we?’

‘Ok sounds good to me, so if I may be so bold what is it you do for a living.”

I have my own business and you could say I am in the business of customer satisfaction.’ She said with a smile that encompassed her eyes and lips, which was almost as disarming as an SAS operative creeping up behind you. She held out her hand in a gesture to shake hands and said.
‘You my dear can call me Jenny! And you are?’

“Steve is my name, and I’m in the business of making people happy also, but through the art of muscle and joint manipulation, I ‘m a physiotherapist.’ He replied with an equally charming smile.

‘Well Steve the physio, I have muscles that need attention right now so I hope you have your magic wand in those tight pants of yours!’
Jenny let her smile fade and a girlish almost wanton look came over her face and Steve had no answer other than a polite but eager ‘Yes’ as he exhaled almost choking on his drink as she spoke.
Leading her new conquest by the hand she rose and moved with him to the area where the toilets were located and beckoned him inside the women’s door. He followed like a boy about to get his first look at breasts.
Jenny moved with almost silence as she moved into a cubicle that smelt stale and had remnants of the toilet paper still in the bowl as she closed the lid and sat positioning herself at perfect cock sucking height. It was the heat from his crotch that she could feel as she slowly unzipped his fly and unbuttoned the top, slowly releasing his now ridged member into her hands. The size was perfect and the veins pulsing and standing proud from the soft pink flesh of his iron bar penis. Her thumb brushed the eye as she wiped a single drop of pre-cum from the light purple helmet. Her hand slid down to cup his staining balls as she slowly devoured the full seven and a half inches of hot man meat. The gag reflex kicked in just a little as she forced him deeper into her throat but she pushed past it and began to massage the tip of his penis with her muscles and using her tongue slide around the underneath causing him to push further into her wonton opening.
Guiding the throbbing member out of her mouth she looked up at him and smiled as she peeled her lips back and started to bite softly into the firm meat of his cock and drag her teeth toward the head. His hands clumsy and wanting found her breasts and he massaged her nipples between thumb and forefinger teasing them to full extension. Lifting Jenny to her feet and placing one of her red heels on the seat exposing the flimsy material of her panties, Steve squatted down and drank in the musky smell of her vagina before placing his warm, moist tongue on her button through the see through material, covering her expertly trimmed and waxed vagina.
A shudder of electricity went through her body as his tongue found its way past the material and into the folds of her labia. Working his way into her heat and then back up to the nub of pink flesh at her clitoris, Steve moved back and gently blew on the moist button which sent an electric shock through her vagina up to her aching nipples.
‘Fuck me you animal’ she said as she lifted him by the chin to taste her juices on his lips and she could smell herself on him as she darted her hot pink missile around his gums and teeth. His penis was solid and the perfectly shaped tip throbbing with anticipation as she nudged him at her opening and gorged herself on his meat as it was swallowed to the tight sacks hanging below. Steve had her left leg under the knee and was pumping her like an oil dyke hard and fast. The muscles tightening around his shaft were gripping and releasing as he trust into her, the root of his cock rubbing against her clit bringing her to the point of orgasm, and just as she tensed with an epic tirade of tension and convulsion in a multiple release of pent up sexual energy, so did his scrotum flood her warmth with the seed of life.
Steve was spent and never before had he experienced such a cataclysmic explosion at the point or orgasm before. He looked into the soulful eyes of this woman he had just fucked with awe and inspiration only to see hate and despair looking back at him.
The decision to remove his now slackening penis from her came a split second too late and a pain shot up under his rib cage as he felt his breath fail him in a quick deflation of his left lung. Jenny held him tight and pushed the sharp tip of the surgical pin into his racing heart, and whispered ‘shhhhhhh, it’s all over now’ as she lowered him to the toilet seat. The little blood there was simple to clean up and she moved her head scarf to obscure her face as she leant down and kissed his now cooling lips.
Jenny moved like quick silver and was gone into the night and away before anyone was any the wiser.
As she started the car her phone burst into life and her ringtone blurted into life.

‘Jenny’ she said into the space of the car as the Bluetooth was enabled.
‘So tell me Jenny, how was it’ the voice on the other end said softly over the internal car speakers.

‘It was amazing, I never knew sex and murder could be so exhilarating’ she moaned to her unseen caller.

‘I told you, did I not? Now tell me all about it while you play for me’ the voice low and the removal of clothing evident over the speakers as the caller made himself comfortable.

Copywrite - Graeme Hawke March 2012

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